Commercial projects

Commercial projects

For commercial design, the design inspiration comes from the company's brand image. Design constraints are often linked to functional space constraints and building codes. There is still a customized, creative goal in commercial projects, but it usually involves different textures, colors and layouts than most residential areas. Let us help your company flourish in designs that you have always imagined.

1. Initial consultation

We discuss budget, plans and ideas - a very important & exciting brainstorming session. This is where we get all the necessary details to create your designs. We never charge a fee for this first meeting, because we are just as excited to get to know you and your project!

2. Concept

When discussing your ideas and expectations, we will find a suitable concept and provide storyboards of the proposed ideas, illustrating the concept in more detail together with the proposed furniture and materials.

3. Review

During this review, we will give you the opportunity to finalize or change the concept before proceeding with the final design. Your concept will be visible throughout the project - through colors, texture, materials and with an overall feel.

4. Final Constructions

All relevant documentation, such as technical drawings, specifications for furniture, fabrics, lighting etc. will be provided.

5. Price and costs

When everything is done according to your wishes, we will go over payments and finish your project with the assurance that you are more than satisfied.

6. Transfer

Once you have completed the project, your final design and documentation is in your ownership. You will then have everything needed to carry out your project easily and efficiently.

Price per quotation

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