Residential Project

Residential Project

For housing projects, our design inspiration comes from you. We believe that housing should reflect personal taste and uniqueness, so let's help you find a customized design that does just that! We work on new construction, remodeling and renovation.

1. Initial consultation

We discuss budget, plans and ideas - a very important and exciting brainstorming session. This is where we get all the necessary information to create your design.

2. Concept

When we discuss your ideas and expectations, we will be provided with a suitable concept, inspirational storyboards, material samples and presentations that will then connect you to your vision throughout the design and development stage.

3. Review

During our review, we will double-check with you and give you the opportunity to complete or change the concept before proceeding with the final design.

4. Final Constructions

All relevant documentation, such as technical drawings, specifications for furniture, fabrics, lighting etc. will be provided.

5. Price and costs

When everything is done according to your wishes, we will go over payments and finish your project with the assurance that you are more than satisfied.

6. Transfer

Once you have completed the project, your final design and documentation is in your ownership. You will then have everything needed to carry out your project easily and efficiently.

Price per quotation

(All prices are excl. VAT)

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